• CorpVarsityTM is an organisation’s virtual training and development zone.
  • CorpVarsityTM is the single most important tool in transforming an organisation into a ‘learning organisation’.
  • It helps institutionalise learning as a most important tool to achieve corporate objectives.
  • CorpVarsityTM can also be described as a knowledge management tool.
  • It differs from other knowledge management tool as it offers both formal (structured) and informal knowledge management with tools like competency mapping, course tracking, monitoring, testing and certification.
  • To add to its utility, GOLS also offer its integration with other systems like HRMS (Human Resources Management System), PMS (Performance Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning).
  • Functionally, it is an environment that empowers training managers to deliver training across geography without having to travel to far off lands.
  • It enables a training experience that is not inferior to traditional classroom based training.
  • Employees from across an organisation can log on to their corporate varsity and avail induction training, learning about new products, pricing strategies, or learn a foreign language.