How Game-Based & Simulations-Based Techniques Are Advancing Online Learning?

Schools were always fun. One got involved with their teachers, played games, and learnt while playing games. As we progressed.....

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Why Zoom™ and WhatsApp™ is not eLearning?

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the entire academic year, rescheduled classes and cancelled examinations across the country.....

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10 Reasons E-Learning Is Better Than Classroom Learning

Online learning has shown significant growth over the last couple of years powered by increased penetration of the internet and....

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Re-Imagining eLearning in A Post-COVID World

As organizations across the globe start their journey towards re-boot, they can’t push the pause button on talent and capability....

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How to Choose an eLearning Provider?

The current pandemic has impacted the people, organizations, countries and economies like no other health emergency in the near or...

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