GOLS EdTech's Off-the-shelf Content

GOLS EdTech offers a one-stop-shop for Off-the-shelf eLearning requirements. The rapidly growing library includes courses from Compliance, Soft skills & Behavioural training. Courses can be seamlessly delivered through either your organization's existing Learning Management System (LMS) or, for organizations without an LMS, they can be conveniently hosted on GOLS EdTech's robust and user-friendly LMS platform. This flexibility ensures a tailored solution regardless of your current eLearning infrastructure.

Why choose GOLS EdTech's Off-the-Shelf eLearning Content?


Our eLearning content packs offer a cost-effective alternative to developing courses from scratch. Benefit from ready-made, high-quality content that can be easily customized to align with your specific learning objectives.


Save valuable time by eliminating the need to design and create courses from the ground up. Our content packs feature pre-built modules, resources, and assessments that can be swiftly deployed, enabling learners to access valuable training promptly.

Expertise and Quality

Developed by instructional designers, our content packs ensure accuracy, relevance, and high quality. Tap into the expertise of professionals who have extensive knowledge in compliance, soft-skills, and behavioural training.

Compatibility with your LMS

Whether you use our LMS or another third-party system, our eLearning content packs are compatible with any SCORM-compatible LMS, providing seamless integration into your existing learning infrastructure.


Address diverse training needs with our extensive library covering compliance, leadership, and soft skills. Our wide range of content packs ensures that your organization can tailor training to meet various learning objectives.


Easily scale content to accommodate different organizational needs. Utilize them for individual self-paced learning, group training sessions, or integrate them into your LMS for widespread use.


Ensure consistency in training delivery, content quality, and learning outcomes. Our content establish a standardized approach to learning and development, fostering a cohesive training experience across your organization.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Provide flexibility for your learners by enabling access to training anytime, anywhere. Our eLearning content empower learners to engage with the material at their own pace, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

To learn more or book a demo, please do not hesitate to reach out on sales@gols.in

Elevate your training efforts
with GOLS EdTech's Off-the-shelf eLearning solutions.

At GOLS EdTech, we are committed to delivering top-notch eLearning solutions that align with your organization's goals. We invite you to explore the advantages of our Off-the-shelf content by evaluating a full course for free. The decision makers can then make informed decisions on quantities required.
To learn more or to initiate a trial, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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