Unlock Effortless Learning with GOLS EdTech's Ready-to-Use LMS

GOLS EdTech presents a game-changing Ready-to-Use Learning Management System (LMS), tailored to meet your organization's needs. With seamless deployment and a user-friendly interface, our turnkey solution redefines the learning experience.

Experience the benefits of streamlined learning
with our Ready-to-Use LMS

Instant Deployment

Say goodbye to lengthy setups. Our Ready-to-Use LMS ensures instant deployment, allowing you to kickstart your training initiatives without delay.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly. Our LMS features an intuitive interface, making it easy for both administrators and learners to engage with the platform.

Real-Time Analytics

Make informed decisions. Gain insights into learner progress and engagement with real-time analytics, enabling data-driven adjustments to your training strategy.

Customization Made Easy

Tailor it to fit. Our Ready-to-Use LMS is designed for seamless customization, allowing you to align the platform with your organization's unique training goals.


Minimize development costs with our budget-friendly ready-to-use solution, reducing the need for extensive customization.

Comprehensive Features

The ready-to-use LMS comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features, covering course management, assessments, analytics, and collaboration tools.

Maintenance and Support

GOLS EdTech provides ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your LMS is up-to-date, and issues are promptly addressed.


Built with robust security measures, GOLS EdTech's LMS prioritizes the protection of sensitive learner data and maintains a secure online learning environment.

To learn more or book a demo, please do not hesitate to reach out on sales@gols.in

Introduction to GOLS EdTech

GOLS EdTech, a technology firm with over a decade of experience, has been serving clients globally across diverse industries by providing advanced eLearning solutions. Our extensive experience has equipped us to stay at the forefront of the eLearning industry, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest trends in Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives. Our commitment lies in making cutting-edge L&D practices accessible and cost- effective for organizations of all sizes.

Quality Management Systems

The string of quality systems and processes depicts a process / performance driven approach to every activity in the organization.

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